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Mechanical Engineer (Temp. to Permanent)

 | Référence du poste: 3244

 |  Warren, NJ

Responsible for the mechanical design, detailing, and performance of new and existing products within the limits of general practices and standards.

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Senior Test Software Engineer

 | Référence du poste: 3149

 |  Krzeszowice

We’re looking for an experienced LabVIEW Engineer to work as part of a team providing the Software tools necessary to support the manufacture and test of our optical switches.

En ligne depuis: 08/04/2020

Systems Engineer

 | Référence du poste: 3171

 |  Cambridge

We’re looking for a persuasive and influential Systems Engineer with a strong electronics background who can work cross-functionally with multiple, diverse teams promoting good Systems Engineering practices and driving product development.

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Supply Chain Manager

 | Référence du poste: 3034

 |  Warren, NJ

The Supply Chain Manager is responsible to lead and manage purchasing team according to the official corporate process ORF11 (Source).

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Process Engineering Manager

 | Référence du poste: 2834

 |  Warren, NJ

Manages and schedules material and manufacturing resources to ensure that quality products are delivered on time to meet customer requirements.

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Machine Operator / Cable Technician I (Temp)

 | Référence du poste: 3174

 |  Warren, NJ

Fabricates cable in accordance to drawings and or instructions. Informs Engineer, Cable if the product falls outside the documented limits.

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Electrical Engineer (Direct Hire)

 | Référence du poste: 3236

 | United States of America, Warren, NJ

The Electrical Engineer designs, and tests new products for the company.

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Inspector Level ll (Temp)

 | Référence du poste: 3194

 |  Warren, NJ

Compare and confirms component parts and assemblies against documented requirements.

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Inspector Level ll (Temp)

 | Référence du poste: 3214

 |  Warren, NJ

Compare and confirms component parts and assemblies against documented requirements.

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Customer Support Specialist (Temp)

 | Référence du poste: 3228

 |  Warren, NJ

The position will work with our international and domestic sales teams, production and engineering teams in the preparation of quotations and coordination of technical support where required.

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Shop Floor Controller (Direct Hire)

 | Référence du poste: 3237

 | United States of America, Warren, NJ

The Manufacturing department is the largest area within Astrolab Operations and consists of eight independent production cells.

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 | Référence du poste: 3230

 |  Tczew

Do naszego działu Finansów szukamy osoby na stanowisko:

Miejsce pracy: Tczew

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Engineer_Bid Managment

 | Référence du poste: 3222

 |  Manesar

The Bid Engineer will be responsible for Calculation of project pricing to define a price in-line with regional and market strategy, Review and ensure profitability of projects.

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Distribution Sales Manager

 | Référence du poste: 3232

 | United States of America, Remote

HUBER+SUHNER, Inc.’s distribution channel’s purpose is to support and initiate demand creation and order fulfilment of H+S product portfolio.

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 | Référence du poste: 2990

 |  Herisau (AR)

Radio Frequency / CAY & COM Production

En ligne depuis: 07/17/2020

Teamleiter/-in Process- & Process Technology Engineering

 | Référence du poste: 3205

 |  Herisau (AR)

Radio Frequency / Operations / Components & Assemblies

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Corporate Marketing Communications Manager RF/MCI

 | Référence du poste: 2752

 |  Herisau (AR)

We are hiring a senior B2B marketing expert for developing marketing and communications plans and campaigns to promote our solutions and products.

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AP Accountant

 | Référence du poste: 3210

 |  Gdansk

For our Finance Department we are looking for a committed and highly reliable
Accounts Payable Accountant
Work place: Gdansk

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Project Manager

 | Référence du poste: 3170

 |  Cambridge

We have an exciting opportunity for a motivated, high energy Project Manager to join our outstanding development team and be an instrumental player in driving our next generation Optical circuit switches to market.

En ligne depuis: 07/07/2020

Kunststofftechnologe / Einrichter (m/w)

 | Référence du poste: 3213

 |  Herisau (AR)

FO FDC/ Business Unit Operations

En ligne depuis: 07/03/2020

Regional Sales Manager (Radio Frequency) - UK

 | Référence du poste: 3208

 |  Bicester

You will hold sales skills that exceed expectations and be able to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Ability to demonstrate a clear history of career success and highly skilled as a business influencer; then this is your next role.

En ligne depuis: 06/30/2020

Application- / Project Engineer (m/w)

 | Référence du poste: 3078

 |  Herisau (AR)

Radio Frequency / Hochfrequenz

En ligne depuis: 06/30/2020

Logistiker-in EFZ Inbound-Logistik

 | Référence du poste: 3160

 |  Herisau (AR)

Radio Frequency / Logistik

En ligne depuis: 06/26/2020

Warehouse Group Leader Inbound and Outbound (Temp)

 | Référence du poste: 3130

 |  Warren, NJ

Provides administrative support to the Warehouse Manager and Logistics Manager.

En ligne depuis: 06/22/2020

Test Technician II (Temp)

 | Référence du poste: 3175

 |  Warren, NJ

Tests and evaluates the performance of RF products, including cables, connectors, cable assemblies, and adaptors. Reviews customer specifications to assure product meets requirements

En ligne depuis: 06/17/2020

Quality Engineer (Direct Hire)

 | Référence du poste: 3166

 |  Warren, NJ

Apply engineering knowledge, problem solving skills and ingenuity to resolve quality issues for all Huber Suhner Products. They will also drive continuous improvement for product and process performance.

En ligne depuis: 06/15/2020

Teamleiter Technischer Service (m/w/d)

 | Référence du poste: 2971

 |  Taufkirchen

Für unseren Technischen Service suchen wir in einer Nachfolge einen Teamleiter mit disziplinarischer Führung.

En ligne depuis: 06/11/2020

Mechanical Design Manager

 | Référence du poste: 2484

 | Grande-Bretagne, Cambridge

We are looking for an innovative Mechanical Design Manager to join a dynamic product design team developing industry leading fiber optic switches.

En ligne depuis: 06/09/2020

Supplier Quality Engineer (Direct Hire)

 | Référence du poste: 3153

 |  Warren, NJ

The Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE) applies engineering knowledge and problem-solving skills in monitoring, measuring, and improving supplier performance.

En ligne depuis: 06/05/2020

Product Manager FO Connectivity

 | Référence du poste: 2933

 | Suisse, Herisau (AR)

Fiber Optics FDC / Product Management

En ligne depuis: 06/03/2020

Manufacturing Production Planner

 | Référence du poste: 3015

 |  Warren, NJ

Manage the production planning to complete customer orders

En ligne depuis: 06/03/2020

Entwicklungsingenieur (m/w/d) Mikromontage und Automatisierung

 | Référence du poste: 3136

 |  Mainz

Wir suchen für unser Team in Mainz einen Entwicklungsingenieur mit Schwerpunkt Mikromontage und Automatisierung für die Entwicklung automatisierter Mikromontageprozesse und Anlagen

En ligne depuis: 05/29/2020

Process Engineer Fiber Optics

 | Référence du poste: 3065

 |  Herisau (AR)

Division Fiber Optics MCI / Fiber Connectivity Outdoor

En ligne depuis: 05/28/2020

Manufacturing Engineer (Direct Hire)

 | Référence du poste: 3131

 |  Warren, NJ

Reports to Manufacturing Manager; observes and reviews manufacturing, quality and other related processes and audits.

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Content Creator

 | Référence du poste: 3113

 |  Manesar

Technical Writer will be responsible to update our webpage and address the needs of our customers. Therefore we want to reinforce our team with a technical editor that helps us to write faster and more texts.

En ligne depuis: 05/19/2020


 | Référence du poste: 3114

 |  Manesar

The webmaster will be responsible to update our webpage and address the needs of our customers. Therefore we want to reinforce our team with a web editor that updates, maintains and refreshes our webpage more regularly.

En ligne depuis: 04/24/2020

Project Manager RF(R&D)

 | Référence du poste: 3074

 |  Shanghai

Project Manager for RF in R&D dept.

En ligne depuis: 04/08/2020

Prozesstechniker PVD / Oberflächentechnik

 | Référence du poste: 3062

 |  Herisau (AR)

Radio Frequency / Process & Technology Engineering Metallized Polymers

En ligne depuis: 02/21/2020

Ausbildung zum Kaufmann / zur Kauffrau (m/w/d) für Büromanagement in Taufkirchen bei München - beginnend jährlich zum 01.09.

 | Référence du poste: 2997

 |  Taufkirchen

Für unseren Standort Taufkirchen bei München suchen wir dich als Auszubildenden Kaufmann /Auszubildende Kauffrau (m/w/d) für Büromanagement

En ligne depuis: 01/21/2020

Assembler (Temp)

 | Référence du poste: 2291

 |  Warren, NJ

Follows assembly instructions and assembles Huber+Suhner products. Utilizes approved tools, materials, and equipment provided. Identifies quality and efficiency improvement opportunities.