Online seit: 08/10/2020

Mechanical Engineer (Temp. to Permanent)

 | Stellennummer: 3244

 |  Warren, NJ

Responsible for the mechanical design, detailing, and performance of new and existing products within the limits of general practices and standards.

Online seit: 08/10/2020

Senior Test Software Engineer

 | Stellennummer: 3149

 |  Krzeszowice

We’re looking for an experienced LabVIEW Engineer to work as part of a team providing the Software tools necessary to support the manufacture and test of our optical switches.

Online seit: 08/04/2020

Systems Engineer

 | Stellennummer: 3171

 |  Cambridge

We’re looking for a persuasive and influential Systems Engineer with a strong electronics background who can work cross-functionally with multiple, diverse teams promoting good Systems Engineering practices and driving product development.

Online seit: 07/27/2020

Supply Chain Manager

 | Stellennummer: 3034

 |  Warren, NJ

The Supply Chain Manager is responsible to lead and manage purchasing team according to the official corporate process ORF11 (Source).

Online seit: 07/27/2020

Process Engineering Manager

 | Stellennummer: 2834

 |  Warren, NJ

Manages and schedules material and manufacturing resources to ensure that quality products are delivered on time to meet customer requirements.

Online seit: 07/24/2020

Machine Operator / Cable Technician I (Temp)

 | Stellennummer: 3174

 |  Warren, NJ

Fabricates cable in accordance to drawings and or instructions. Informs Engineer, Cable if the product falls outside the documented limits.

Online seit: 07/24/2020

Electrical Engineer (Direct Hire)

 | Stellennummer: 3236

 | United States of America, Warren, NJ

The Electrical Engineer designs, and tests new products for the company.

Online seit: 07/22/2020

Inspector Level ll (Temp)

 | Stellennummer: 3194

 |  Warren, NJ

Compare and confirms component parts and assemblies against documented requirements.

Online seit: 07/22/2020

Inspector Level ll (Temp)

 | Stellennummer: 3214

 |  Warren, NJ

Compare and confirms component parts and assemblies against documented requirements.

Online seit: 07/22/2020

Customer Support Specialist (Temp)

 | Stellennummer: 3228

 |  Warren, NJ

The position will work with our international and domestic sales teams, production and engineering teams in the preparation of quotations and coordination of technical support where required.

Online seit: 07/22/2020

Shop Floor Controller (Direct Hire)

 | Stellennummer: 3237

 | United States of America, Warren, NJ

The Manufacturing department is the largest area within Astrolab Operations and consists of eight independent production cells.

Online seit: 07/22/2020


 | Stellennummer: 3230

 |  Tczew

Do naszego działu Finansów szukamy osoby na stanowisko:

Miejsce pracy: Tczew

Online seit: 07/21/2020

Engineer_Bid Managment

 | Stellennummer: 3222

 |  Manesar

The Bid Engineer will be responsible for Calculation of project pricing to define a price in-line with regional and market strategy, Review and ensure profitability of projects.

Online seit: 07/20/2020

Distribution Sales Manager

 | Stellennummer: 3232

 | United States of America, Remote

HUBER+SUHNER, Inc.’s distribution channel’s purpose is to support and initiate demand creation and order fulfilment of H+S product portfolio.

Online seit: 07/20/2020


 | Stellennummer: 2990

 |  Herisau (AR)

Radio Frequency / CAY & COM Production

Online seit: 07/17/2020

Teamleiter/-in Process- & Process Technology Engineering

 | Stellennummer: 3205

 |  Herisau (AR)

Radio Frequency / Operations / Components & Assemblies

Online seit: 07/13/2020

Corporate Marketing Communications Manager RF/MCI

 | Stellennummer: 2752

 |  Herisau (AR)

We are hiring a senior B2B marketing expert for developing marketing and communications plans and campaigns to promote our solutions and products.

Online seit: 07/13/2020

AP Accountant

 | Stellennummer: 3210

 |  Gdansk

For our Finance Department we are looking for a committed and highly reliable
Accounts Payable Accountant
Work place: Gdansk

Online seit: 07/10/2020

Project Manager

 | Stellennummer: 3170

 |  Cambridge

We have an exciting opportunity for a motivated, high energy Project Manager to join our outstanding development team and be an instrumental player in driving our next generation Optical circuit switches to market.

Online seit: 07/07/2020

Kunststofftechnologe / Einrichter (m/w)

 | Stellennummer: 3213

 |  Herisau (AR)

FO FDC/ Business Unit Operations

Online seit: 07/03/2020

Regional Sales Manager (Radio Frequency) - UK

 | Stellennummer: 3208

 |  Bicester

You will hold sales skills that exceed expectations and be able to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Ability to demonstrate a clear history of career success and highly skilled as a business influencer; then this is your next role.

Online seit: 06/30/2020

Application- / Project Engineer (m/w)

 | Stellennummer: 3078

 |  Herisau (AR)

Radio Frequency / Hochfrequenz

Online seit: 06/30/2020

Logistiker-in EFZ Inbound-Logistik

 | Stellennummer: 3160

 |  Herisau (AR)

Radio Frequency / Logistik

Online seit: 06/26/2020

Warehouse Group Leader Inbound and Outbound (Temp)

 | Stellennummer: 3130

 |  Warren, NJ

Provides administrative support to the Warehouse Manager and Logistics Manager.

Online seit: 06/22/2020

Test Technician II (Temp)

 | Stellennummer: 3175

 |  Warren, NJ

Tests and evaluates the performance of RF products, including cables, connectors, cable assemblies, and adaptors. Reviews customer specifications to assure product meets requirements

Online seit: 06/17/2020

Quality Engineer (Direct Hire)

 | Stellennummer: 3166

 |  Warren, NJ

Apply engineering knowledge, problem solving skills and ingenuity to resolve quality issues for all Huber Suhner Products. They will also drive continuous improvement for product and process performance.

Online seit: 06/15/2020

Teamleiter Technischer Service (m/w/d)

 | Stellennummer: 2971

 |  Taufkirchen

Für unseren Technischen Service suchen wir in einer Nachfolge einen Teamleiter mit disziplinarischer Führung.

Online seit: 06/11/2020

Mechanical Design Manager

 | Stellennummer: 2484

 | Grossbritanien, Cambridge

We are looking for an innovative Mechanical Design Manager to join a dynamic product design team developing industry leading fiber optic switches.

Online seit: 06/09/2020

Supplier Quality Engineer (Direct Hire)

 | Stellennummer: 3153

 |  Warren, NJ

The Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE) applies engineering knowledge and problem-solving skills in monitoring, measuring, and improving supplier performance.

Online seit: 06/05/2020

Product Manager FO Connectivity

 | Stellennummer: 2933

 | Schweiz, Herisau (AR)

Online seit: 06/03/2020

Manufacturing Production Planner

 | Stellennummer: 3015

 |  Warren, NJ

Manage the production planning to complete customer orders

Online seit: 06/03/2020

Entwicklungsingenieur (m/w/d) Mikromontage und Automatisierung

 | Stellennummer: 3136

 |  Mainz

Wir suchen für unser Team in Mainz einen Entwicklungsingenieur mit Schwerpunkt Mikromontage und Automatisierung für die Entwicklung automatisierter Mikromontageprozesse und Anlagen

Online seit: 05/29/2020

Process Engineer Fiber Optics

 | Stellennummer: 3065

 |  Herisau (AR)

Division Fiber Optics MCI / Fiber Connectivity Outdoor

Online seit: 05/28/2020

Manufacturing Engineer (Direct Hire)

 | Stellennummer: 3131

 |  Warren, NJ

Reports to Manufacturing Manager; observes and reviews manufacturing, quality and other related processes and audits.

Online seit: 05/19/2020

Content Creator

 | Stellennummer: 3113

 |  Manesar

Technical Writer will be responsible to update our webpage and address the needs of our customers. Therefore we want to reinforce our team with a technical editor that helps us to write faster and more texts.

Online seit: 05/19/2020


 | Stellennummer: 3114

 |  Manesar

The webmaster will be responsible to update our webpage and address the needs of our customers. Therefore we want to reinforce our team with a web editor that updates, maintains and refreshes our webpage more regularly.

Online seit: 04/24/2020

Project Manager RF(R&D)

 | Stellennummer: 3074

 |  Shanghai

Project Manager for RF in R&D dept.

Online seit: 04/08/2020

Prozesstechniker PVD / Oberflächentechnik

 | Stellennummer: 3062

 |  Herisau (AR)

Radio Frequency / Process & Technology Engineering Metallized Polymers

Online seit: 02/21/2020

Ausbildung zum Kaufmann / zur Kauffrau (m/w/d) für Büromanagement in Taufkirchen bei München - beginnend jährlich zum 01.09.

 | Stellennummer: 2997

 |  Taufkirchen

Für unseren Standort Taufkirchen bei München suchen wir dich als Auszubildenden Kaufmann /Auszubildende Kauffrau (m/w/d) für Büromanagement

Online seit: 01/21/2020

Assembler (Temp)

 | Stellennummer: 2291

 |  Warren, NJ

Follows assembly instructions and assembles Huber+Suhner products. Utilizes approved tools, materials, and equipment provided. Identifies quality and efficiency improvement opportunities.